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Welcome to the Member Pages

New Photo Gallery UP!!
Follow the Photo Gallery Link to see for yourself.

With the addition of our new website we now have the ability to provide our members with a more secure environment to communicate with each other for ideas and fun, plus provide a central location to obtain newsletters, rosters, and any other forms you may be looking for.

Now that the membership renewal period has ended, the temporary user name and password has been deleted and only members who have paid there dues for 2008 can access the member pages with their own sign on. If you are reading this page than you have successfully logged in. Please do not give your passwords to anyone, even if think they are a member. 
These pages contain personal information other members may not want the world to know. Please refer anyone looking to sign on to me and I will assist them 

Currently the member forums are up and running, so please check them out, register yourself, and feel free to post away. The board is just starting, so there will be changes made from time to time. During the registration process you will be asked for your email address. Please use the email address you listed with the chapter. You will have the ability to hide the email address in your personal profile if you currently are not listed in the public roster. Also please set up a user name that is appropriate. The intent of this board is for open exchange between members, so make it easy for people to know who you are. The board is not open to the public, and is completely located in the protected members only area.

We have added a link to obtain a copy of the Prime Timers World Wide Newsletter, however this is a scanned copy of the newsletter and is a very large file. If you have dial up Internet access, the download can take over a hour to perform, therefore I only suggest members with broadband connections make the effort. You can obtain a printed copy at the general meeting and potluck.  Our regional gathering in April is written up in this issue!

A new link has been added to view or download the minutes of the monthly business meeting, board meeting, and committee meeting. Just follow the meeting minutes tab for what is currenlty available. Thanks Jerry for volunteering as Secretary. We have badly needed someone for a long while.

If you have suggestions, please email me at or better yet, post them in the members forums.

Charles Spady